A Little About Me

I’m George. Sometimes Georgie, sometimes Georgy. Never Georgia.little

I’m from a lovely little place called Penryn in good old Cornwall. It’s right near the coast and I love it. On the beach or the coast in general is one of the best places to be. In the sun, in the rain, in the wind or in the snow it’s just wonderful. The way the sea glistens when it catches the light from the sun or the reflections from a grey stormy day (is it the sea that refletcs the sky or vice versa? I can never remember). The feeling of spray from a big wave hitting you in the face. The smell of that gorgeous sea breeze. I do so miss the sea.


brownie messSome of the things I love include:

  • the rain
  • the sun
  • glitter
  • puns (especially cheese puns)
  • people
  • tea
  • adventures

Here, I will attempt to document some of these amazing adventures I have had, both on my own and with the people I love most in all the world.

This blog is by no means going to be a piece of art but it will be 100% me. As such, here are some great and perhaps not-so-great things about me.

The Great

The Not-so-great

  • I cook GREAT brownies. Like, really super awesome amazing good.
  • I cook other things well too, like chips or cauliflour cheese.
  • I giggle a lot.
  • I like doing arty fun things.
  • I’m good at playing the violin. Folk music is fun.
  • I love trying new dancing.
  • I’ll stay up late with you and swap manly stories.
  • I take lots of pictures because I’m a sucker for great memories.


  • I sometimes forget to add the flour to the brownies and have to add it retroactively.
  • Today, I accidentally put my pants on inside-out. I have not rectified this situation.
  • I potentially giggle too much sometimes.
  • I make a huge glittery mess. Sorry if this affects you in any way.
  • I’m terrible at dancing.
  • I sometimes get a little carried away with things. Again, sorry if this affects you.
  • I’m not doing very well at growing an avocado.

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