One Direction

One Direction, if you have been living under a rock, are a band. A boy band. The most famous boy band in the world. And they have the craziest fans on the planet.

I can’t say I think they’re anything better than average. In fact, I don’t believe they can sing. However, they do not particularly offend me. Once upon a time, I might have said I hated them but that’s too strong. I don’t like eir music and I don’t want to listen to it but as people, I’m sure they’re fine. They seem like they’re nice to their fans and they’re just normal guys.

The fans though, are another breed altogether. The main problem, is the internet. I’m sure that people were just as bonkers about The Spice Girls or Westlife or any of the other huge pop bands BUT, Twitter did not exist. The abilty to communicate with other fans all over the world, or propagate and share your fantasies, or communicate almost directly with the band themselves did not exist. The whole World has instant access to their every move, their every word. Heck, their every bowl movement I shouldn’t wonder. Perhaps, it is this easy access to all of this imformation which leads fans to believe they really know the band and to feel that they know what they want of them. I’m sure none of the boys would ever ask any of their fans to kill a dog for them, but the fans are apparently willing to do as much should the request arise. On top of this, the ideas themselves  due to this instant ability to share ideas, merely get wilder and wilder as fans egg each other on or try to one-up each other in their quest to prove to the band that they are their number one fan. Terrifying if you ask me.

Boys, you may have recently lost one of your number, but congratulations on your success. You may not be to my taste but many out there do love you. Keep on making people happy with your music and hopefully your fans will eventually realise that ritual animal sacrifice is not the way to get you to notice them. 

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