Andy Hocking

Today, March the 8th 2015, Andy Hocking passed away from a sudden heart attack.

I am deeply, deeply devastated.

When mum told me, I made her repeat the news about 3 times. It is something I was, and still am, unable to process. I feel sick. The information travelled down from Reege’s mum who works at the police station, to Reege, Hope overheard the conversation, and told her mum and then Sue told my mum. I cannot fully put into words how heartbroken I feel. He’s gone. No more will Andy patrol the streets if Falmouth talking to everyone and sundry. His girls will never get to cuddle their dad again. He won’t get to walk them down the isle. He won’t see his grandchildren. He was 51.

I have been unable to stop bursting into tears all evening.

I simply cannot process this news.

It has given me the tiniest glimpse into how I might begin to feel if it were my mum or dad, and it is awful. It’s worse than awful. It’s indescribably heartbreaking.

Andy was such a huge part of my childhood and teenage years. He and Sally provided a safe refuge from the shitstorm that was my parents divorce. So very many sleepovers, and BBQs on the beach, and lifts here there and everywhere. Every morning before school. No more will I be called horgayeina upon entering the hocking household.

How can he be just… Gone?

Andy, thank you for everything. Thank you for giving me your wonderful daughter Megan. Thank you for all the years gone by. Thank you for keeping Falmouth safe. Thank you for all the terrible jokes. Thank you for the lifts. Thank you for the lovely days out. You were a wonderful person and will never be forgotten. I can’t really put into words how much this has affected me but just know that I will look after your daughter and family in any and every way I possibly can.

Goodbye and thank you for everything.

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